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Situated in a fold of mountain ranges Strážovské vrchy(1213 m) and Javorníky (1071 m a.s.l.). Mountains offer an attractive experience to trekkers and mountain-bikers in summer season, cross-country and skiing opportunities in winter season. Veľký Manín mountain (890 m a.s.l.) dominates the town skyline providing views from most places in the town. On the hill next to the town on the opposite side of the river Váh lies the ruins of Považský hrad castle with two manor houses beneath, to which the town's history is closely bounded. Another popular tourist attraction close to the town is a breath-taking canyon Manínska tiesňava. Canyon splits Veľký and Malý Manín mountains. It is an internationally sought-after place-to-die for rock climbers. It is also less known as one of the filming sites for The NeverEnding Stor (film) in 1984. The population of Považská Bystrica, Slovakia is 43.900 according to the date of 2014.

The partnership agreement between Belchatow and Považská Bystrica was signed in June of 2014.

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About the Invasion of the Talents project.

In the project "Invasion of the Talents" will take a part four cities from the Visegrad Group countries: Pardubice (Czech Republic), Csongrád (Hungary), Považská Bystrica (Slovakia)
and leader Bełchatów (Poland).

The project is directed to debuting young artists in age from 10 to 15 years old - for children and youngsters who show extraordinary artistic skills in the fine arts, in every planar and spatial form as well as in all available techniques. The project will be implemented during the cycles; from 16th of May 2016 to 15th of May 2017. Will include three different types of cultural projects; the workshop, the plein-air painting and opening with an exhibition of works of all young artists. The maximum number of participants is 40 young artists - children and youngsters (in age 10-15 years old). Number of participants per each city it is 10 children and 8 followers/teachers (per 2 from each city, including a representative of the municipalities).

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